Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Noumenia and an Anniversary

It’s been a month or two, but I finally lit a candle for the gods yesterday for Noumenia.  I didn’t do the whole ritual, but at least I made an effort. 

August 1st, Lammas, is my anniversary.  It’s the first ritual I remember performing as a Pagan and I’ve used it as my anniversary for fourteen years now.  My religion is older than my kiddo but I still feel like such a novice.  Most of those years probably had only one or two rituals done and long, long stretches of time where nothing was done.  I need to remember, however, that just because I don’t always do the magical side of my religion doesn’t mean I’m not a Pagan.

To me, Paganism is a religion.  I’ve always held the gods in my heart and head.  I feel that jumping up and down at the wonder of a rainbow or the electric green of spring is an acceptable form of worship.  I see the wonder of the world around me, I pick up trash and use reusable things, I try to walk my talk, and that makes me a Pagan, not just how well versed I am in casting a circle.

In this new month, as the moon grows and changes overhead, I am not going to devote myself to my path or try to get back into it.  I am going to remember that this is my path.  No matter where my feet lead me or how many rituals I miss, I am still a Pagan and the gods surround me.

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